Saturday, June 11, 2005


Have you ever wanted to be an entrepreneur? To create and then manageyour own business?

If you can get it right it is oneof the most enjoyableactivities in the world.....better than sex as it lasts considerable longer and as we know, if you can afford a change of Rolexes you won’t have any problems on that score anyway.

But how do you actually get into this field?

One of thebest ways of finding out what you need, what you’ll have to do, is to read the biographies of internet entrepreneurs, like this one of Ben Padnos.

Virginia Madsden Photos

Virginia Madsden is an American actress who has been in a huge number of films and TV shows.

A complete listing of her appearances is here.

She was in Highlander II, The Rainmaker (no, not Rainman with Tom Cruise, this is themovie from the John Grisham novel) and is currently filming Firewall.

She’s a very attractive woman as can be seen by the photos of Virginia Madsden in this gallery.

One of the more remarkable things about her, (apart from her versatility as an actress) is that she has been (via now defunct marriages) the sister in law of both Cher and Anjelica Huston.

I guess that means she knows both Greg Allman and Jack Nicholson then.