Thursday, November 19, 2009

Just how do we recover from drug addiction?

Given the number of people out there who suffer from drug addiction the question of how we (or anyone) recovers from it is really rather important. Addiction (to anything, to alcohol, drugs or other life destroying things) exacts such a human toll that we of course want to find out what is the best drug treatment. The problem we've found is that it's actually both hard and highly variable.

Clearly and obviously the most important point is to stop the addiction itself: but that isn't all. For there may well be an underlying problem which leads to the propensity for addiction: if we don't solve that deeper problem then we're not going to solve the addiction in the long term. This is the practice of "dual diagnosis" and it's becoming very influential. So drug treatment is now a great deal more than simply the weaning off of whatever poison it is that is addicted to.

We also know that different people react better to different treatments: what works for one crystal meth user might work for a prescription painkiller user, but not for another crystal meth user. So we have entirely medically supervised drug treatment plans, more therapy based one, even the AA's old 12 step plan is still useful for many.

What this means is that any center for treatment needs to be multi-disciplinary and able to offer the individual the treatment that works best for them: not simply applying a checklist to all. And that's where the Pat Moore Foundation scores so well, being able to offer all of the potentially successful treatments under one roof. Click through any of the links for further details.

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